Finding the right financial advisor to meet your financial goals can be difficult but paramount.

Your financial professional should recognize your unique financial goals and obligations, and understand that these will change over time. He/she should help you navigate this financial journey—planning for your retirement, saving for your children's education, building a financial legacy, or combining all three.

As you consider how your life will progress through these phases, ask yourself a few questions about your financial advisor:

  • Do they offer value by offing objective investment strategies tailored to your individual goals?
  • Do they have an efficient investment process supported by an expert team?
  • Can they provide comprehensive research efforts to ensure managers produce the desired outcomes?

Other questions to consider:

  • Is your advisor a fiduciary?
  • Are you on track to meet your financial goals?
  • Are you advisor's fees hindering your success?
  • When you meet is it on their terms or yours?
  • Do they consult on all aspects of your financial journey?
  • Are they registered financial advisors or insurance agents?

Everyone's path is unique, whether you are in the growth phase, spend phase, or legacy phase of your financial journey, consider whether you are on track to meet your goals. If you doubt whether you will achieve your financial goals, have questions, or need an impartial review, schedule a complimentary consulting appointment with us to give you peace of mind.

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