Investment Philosophy

Investing With Purpose - Our Approach

We work diligently so you can focus on what is truly important to you.

At Austin Manning Wealth Management, we work with you to develop a tailored strategy so that you can invest with purpose.  This starts with getting to know and understand your way of thinking about money, and discovering what’s important to you.  Our advisors then take what they learn and collaborate with you in the development, design, implementation and monitoring phases of your portfolio…a portfolio that is built using time-tested principles.

Investing With Purpose - Our Portfolio Process

Guided by time tested investing principles that we rigorously and consistently apply across
all client relationships, we have designed an approach to building portfolios that is efficient, risk-managed, disciplined, and tied to each of our client’s needs.  We seek to bring you our best thinking, and review managers who can help us deliver upon our goal of effective and efficient management of your portfolio.

Stringent, Institutional-Style Committee and Due Diligence

We continuously explore the universe of investment options to seek investments and managers who can help us deliver upon your goals


Customized and Collaborative Process to Invest with Purpose

Strategy Development and
Portfolio Design


Client goals, values,  priorities and tolerance for risk


In depth research and forward looking market assumptions


Our time-tested approach to investing and diversification


We may use models to help execute our strategy and proven investment principles

Monitoring and
Ongoing Guidance

We review investment options ongoing, and seek to keep clients informed and facilitate sound decision making


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