Corporate Planning

Austin Manning Wealth Management specializes in providing retirement plan services to businesses by developing and implementing qualified retirement plans tailored to meet their specific needs.

Our Commitment

Austin Manning Wealth Management conducts business in a transparent and open manner, openly discussing our remuneration and avoiding any real or perceived conflicts of interest.

We help plan sponsors meet their fiduciary obligations by assisting them with their responsibilities, including plan administration, investment selection, and monitoring process, and controlling and lowering the total cost of the plan.

Additionally, we help plan sponsors make their plans more successful by increasing participation and savings rates and help participants allocate their assets in an appropriate distribution based on their retirement income objective.

As fiduciaries, we always keep the interests of the participants and their beneficiaries as our top priority.

Our Process

Review your current 401k Provider and advisor for cost, flexibility, and service.  We recommend that this review be conducted every five years and documented in your files.  If deficiencies are found, we will perform a vendor search using an established selection process.

Review your current Investment Policy Statement.  If no IPS exists, to assist in the process of drafting such a statement.  Then annually review and document the review per 404c.

Provide a review of fund selections to define a documented methodology for inclusion and removal of fund options from the plan. Plan-Level Fund options changes will be made annually if required or on an as needed basis.

Working with our clients, we ensure the desired goals of their retirement plan offerings are being met through our ERISA Consulting Service.

Lastly, we educate plan participants to have greater confidence that their retirement plan can have can meet their goals.

Our Services

401k Plans

Profit Sharing Plan

Simple IRA

Risk Mitigation

403b Plans


Defined Benefit Plans

Key Employee Retention & Retirement

We know a successful advisory relationship is built on connecting with our clients and working towards a common goal. That is why we champion your efforts with a network of dedicated experienced Investment Advisory Specialists.

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