Financial Wellness

Financial planning and advice tailored to employee's unique situations are increasingly must-haves for large and small corporations. Human Resource executives have realized that their employee's financial stability influences their decisions at home and work. Financial stress can reduce morale and decrease productivity. However, giving your employees the resources to alleviate financial stress through financial wellness programs can play an essential role in increasing productivity and morale. In short, the happier an employee is financially at home, the less stressed and more satisfied they are at work.

Financial Wellness programs can provide confidence to see progress towards financial freedom, create a roadmap to see the big picture, and set financial goals along the way. It helps plan for uncertainty while spending less time worrying about money. Lastly, it shows the impact financial decisions have on the future, leading to smarter choices to meet financial goals.

Our Financial Wellness Programs also help employees:

  • Get more from 401k plans
  • Reduce investment risk exposure
  • Decide how much money is needed in retirement
  • Save for retirement outside a workplace plan
  • Save to fund health care expenses in retirement
  • Create a method to convert retirement assets into a stream of income
  • Save to fund college expenses
  • Reduce estate taxes and preserve more assets for heirs
  • Select the right amount of life insurance

Austin Manning Wealth Management can help employers build morale and increase productivity through tailored, flexible, and affordable financial wellness programs geared toward your employee's individual needs.

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